I am an IT professional since 1990. I have developed systems for many different types of businesses, including window and door factory, kitchen furniture factory, paper mill and health care to mention few. I know the business process for example in the factories, which includes orders from customers, manufacturing process, load balancing in the factory, purchasing of materials, warehouse management, shipping and invoicing the customer.

I registered Mutex Oy in November 2007. Since then I have worked for few customers helping them developing their products. I also have developed my own products.

I work on Windows platform and I am using Microsoft tools. I use Visual Studio for .NET development, C# as programming language and SQL Server to store data. I am more interested in business logic than building user interface. For user interface I prefer MVC and Razor view engine. I also use ASP.NET Web API for REST services.

For some time I have written programs following SOLID principles. These five principles makes program code more easy to maintain and extend.

I also use Software Design Patterns in development. One of my favorite is Decorator pattern because that's a great way to add features to a class without touching the class. It is a good pattern to follow Single Responsibility Principle. It's good that one class has only single responsibility. When you add multiple responsibilities to a class then it's more difficult to maintain the code and it causes more bugs.

I was an object-oriented programmer earlier as you may see from the above. Now I am a functional programmer. My favorite language is F#. It's so great. I like pure and clean code and functional paradigm allows doing that. With F# I write less code than with C#. And the code usually works when you compile it successfully.

I have a blog where you can read more about SOLID principles, functional programming and my products.

Jarmo Muukka